18th Cover Art Challenge

This is the Cover Art Challenge for AI Art Weekly issue #23.

🎨 Theme is "prompt"

📰 Cover

🖼 102 prompts by 87 prompters

1) the gaping mouth of insane melting madness
prompt provided by dreamingtulpa
2) old vine-covered marble delorean as spomenik monument alone in quiet forest park of a solarpunk future'
prompt provided by patsgonewild
3) Ai merging with god, self portrait, lsd
prompt provided by xPollutionx
4) a smiling skeleton with cord limbs plugged into an old server
prompt provided by Syber_syn
5) a grand Victorian room, with high ceilings, intricate molding, and ornate furnishings. The room is filled with opulent details, from the plush velvet curtains to gleaming crystal chandeliers, the wallpaper is made of a repeating pattern of crispy bacon strips
prompt provided by amli_art
6) Puffy clouds made out of cotton infinite video feedback from a camera pointed at its own monitor
prompt provided by iminescent
7) Order among chaos
prompt provided by PunyFox777
8) a strange fire creature with endearing eyes radiates a unique canto 'as above so below' while being ignited by the spirit of haeckel and robert fludd, breakthrough is iminent, glory be to the magic within, in honor of Mars, long shadows and dramatic lighting
prompt provided by RonnyKhalil
9) picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies
prompt provided by yaph
10) Bonsai Treehouse
prompt provided by Kanhibus
11) Emmanuel Macron as a medieval monk in robe with tonsure, reading a book
prompt provided by MoldyWarp
12) hair styles by zbigniew beksinski
prompt provided by FlyingDogArt
13) Hard for the human brain to comprehend
prompt provided by anekdotestudio
14) An ancient general raised his head and stretched his arms, raised his hands, leaned on the railing of a high-rise building and looked up at the sky, with a sword on his back. In the distance is the outline of the ancient city of Pingyao, moonlight, cool tones
prompt provided by vkuoo
15) Futurist techie tree, biomimicry design with electric lighting
prompt provided by techietree_eth
16) feeling cute, might delete later
prompt provided by DigThatData
17) Film still of a Hollywood disaster movie about the world being destroyed by bananas called Bananarmageddon, explosions, bananas flying around
prompt provided by FakeSmileNFT
18) elephants dancing to techno music in the jungle
prompt provided by NuwanShilpa
19) Sedona, Arizona by artist "Frederic Edwin Church", by artist "Ivan Shishkin",by artist "anna dittmann",by artist "the color commander"
prompt provided by cwizprod1
20) jeweled steampunk scarab beachbrooch clockwork mandala
prompt provided by pengcognito
21) rockwell lucasrockwell art mallorca apocalyriots okinawa
prompt provided by dreamingtulpa
22) A Scottish highlands cow sitting on an antique tufted sofa in an elegant manor house
prompt provided by StudioPicotee
23) A floating godly celestial walrus looking down at a mass of praying citizens, bathed in golden light
prompt provided by CosmicCamera
24) godzilla made out of bacon destroying the city
prompt provided by CoffeeVectors
25) cinematic concept art of grassland village with cumulus clouds and epic castle in the distant mountains
prompt provided by arvizu_la
26) A woman standing in a futuristic garden with flowers made of circuit boards, pastel colors, geometric shapes, highly detailed textured 8k, sci-fi tools, highly detailed illustration, detailed 2d illustration, with very highly detailed foliage
prompt provided by moelucio
27) bizarre unique adorable stuffed plush desert monster
prompt provided by djsaunders
28) astrological zodiac model photoshoot, ledger art, photorealistic painting by Christopher Wren and Wes Anderson
prompt provided by teavangelize
29) Technicolor triangle, Kodachrome circle, Ektachrome square
prompt provided by _K_o_S_
30) A daisy being poured from a cocktail shaker into a Margarita glass.
prompt provided by LewisMediaAUS
31) frustrated dude sitting in front of his pc
prompt provided by pendownmusic
32) In a secret laboratory deep beneath the earth, scientists work tirelessly to unlock the secrets of the universe, explore uncharted realms of knowledge and understanding
prompt provided by moelucio
33) Doom City; cyberpunk; photo realistic; lights and shining;
prompt provided by UniMatrixZ0
34) Prismacolour Oil pastel Bokeh Glowing Cel shading Ghibli Cute pastels, bokeh, fluffy clouds, sparkles, beautiful
prompt provided by cwizprod1
35) Billy Idol, signature punk rock fashion and iconic sneer with a touch of retro-style 80s nostalgia
prompt provided by brockwebb
36) A regal mushroom king standing before his adoring subjects
prompt provided by TheCCraniums
37) giant psychedelic eye in the middle of a surreal dystopian city
prompt provided by iastitraia
38) Deer's antlers stuck in a tree
prompt provided by Ambr_ence
39) midnight meditations, time-warp temple, Himilayan milky way
prompt provided by CosmLoci
40) terrifying octopus raven chimera, casting spells, atmospheric lighting
prompt provided by EternalSunrise7
41) A cosmic god holding a Galaxy on his hand, a mixed betwen a fish and a BIRD, saturaded space background
prompt provided by VikitoruFelipe
42) sure ai art weekly cover contest winner, trending on artstation
prompt provided by EWBStuff
43) alien creature made entirely of peach colored glass and celestepunk colored armor fused together by gnarled peach tree flowers and roots
prompt provided by bobloblawai
44) Cat riding a shooting star
prompt provided by guruguruhyena
45) full colour digital art depicting an anthropomorphic Victorian rodent detective wearing a bowler hat in the highest possible resolution with fine, realistic fur
prompt provided by NerdyRodent
46) A angel smoking a large Mushroom
prompt provided by moelucio
47) A artist looking apparently lost staring at a blank canvass that is a gateway to another universe, the artist deeply lost staring at the world beyond the canvass
prompt provided by TrillionIam
48) baby with a mouth full of adult sized teeth
prompt provided by AI_Cursed
49) Mosh pit in a zen monastery
prompt provided by artz_astral
50) magnolia bonsai studio light blue pink light neon light bars side illuminating
prompt provided by LinusEkenstam
51) Rabbit on the moon exploring the surface with hi-tech microscope. 1960s sci-fi movie still
prompt provided by manduca_art
52) hyperdetailed chalk portrait on rough weathered board; old, abandoned lighthouse by artist "Sydney Prior Hall",by artist "Guido Borelli da Caluso"; dilute watercolour wash on weathered boards; 3D airbrushed
prompt provided by cwizprod1
53) serene ethereal beauty seated on the edge of heaven
prompt provided by AiArtisans
54) Older female scientist swimming through electricity
prompt provided by weird_momma_x
55) human skeleton, encrusted with jewelry, eye of horus , cat, eerie, expensive, detailed, maximalist, relaxing, ethereal and dreamy, thunderstorms
prompt provided by 2whispergently
56) beautiful stringy jellyfish flower floating in the desert
prompt provided by spiritform
57) cinematic film still, gold hawa mahal as dilapidated indo-saracenic architectural ruins, hyper ornate, intricate details, lush tropical landscaping, overgrown, dappled lighting, clear blue sky, atmospheric, 1983 detailed photograph
prompt provided by darylanselmo
58) A gta 5 loading screen featuring joe biden
prompt provided by devdef
59) Hyperbolic paraboloid epicycloid glass sphere; snowy owl by artist "Leonard Squirrell",Heisenberg group by artist "Edward Duncan", artistic colored pencil sketch by artist "Duncan McFarlane"
prompt provided by cwizprod1
60) 2 robots watching a painting in a museum
prompt provided by omi_Crobe
61) Until the moss had reached our lips
prompt provided by faeriemom13
62) dancing in the starlight, living the highlife in moonforest city
prompt provided by Lebarongrand000
63) Boy running in an alley escaping from spanish civil war soldiers
prompt provided by Efferalgan100mg
64) portrait of a sculptor sculpting a bacon statue of bacon in his workshop
prompt provided by KyrickYoung
65) symbolism, elemental, corpuscular-wave dualism
prompt provided by brenorb
66) The merely beautiful bore me to death
prompt provided by ZenMatAI
67) black tissue paper and feathers, veiled gaia, black lace veil clear eyes, penetrating eyes, focused eyes, highly textured background, veil covering face desolate diaphanous , diaphanous fabric light, delicate, and translucent sheer, fine, ultra-fine, delicate, light, lightweight
prompt provided by OtherBlondeOne
68) Big Ben made of bacon. A graphic sun with sun rays in the background
prompt provided by weird_momma_x
69) A surge of energy
prompt provided by TymothyLongoria
70) An extraterrestial man surfing a guitar on a sea of crowd
prompt provided by realmowlik
71) portrait of cyberpunk hacker, gray hair, gray beard
prompt provided by stevegilham1
72) The silhouette of a person standing under an umbrella while melting and turning into a puddle portal that forms over pavement in the rain with saturated cool color tones in pencil and watercolor mixed media style.
prompt provided by turquoise_paint
73) the glorpy gremlin cries out in horror, "oh no, I swallowed my own (putrid) face!"
prompt provided by QuittersArts
74) Three glowing rainbow kitties on a beach at sunset, Peaceful
prompt provided by generativecris
75) a black and white photo of a snowy landscape, highly detailed generative art, fractal engravings, mind-bending digital art, mandelbulb, black and white paper cut art, intricate digital artwork, black and white matte painting
prompt provided by djsaunders
76) womanincristiinauguration artworks riot emir uprising theroad
prompt provided by dreamingtulpa
77) A cyborg lumberjack
prompt provided by ItchyFingaz
78) goddess of dancing, music, psychedelics, flow, milky skin, mushrooms, burning man, intricate, stained glass by Aphonse mucha
prompt provided by JosephAntoineM2
79) a proud sarimanok
prompt provided by ArteRicafort
80) snowy heart-shaped-steam coffee, big-eyed cat by artist "vladimir kush"
prompt provided by cwizprod1
81) Electric Eel made of lime Jell-O swimming through a constellation of emerald stars
prompt provided by KingGregree116
82) A beautiful woman next to an standing clock
prompt provided by arvizu_la
83) flying hams with scorpion tails
prompt provided by thaxtonplease
84) Group of artists begging to collectors for scrap coins
prompt provided by bl_artcult
85) psychedelic cat sniffing exotic flowers
prompt provided by VirginiaLori
86) Diorama of the God particle
prompt provided by imACobabe
87) she waits facing three ways and fades away by artist "anna dittmann",by artist "the color commander"; Hyperbolic paraboloid glass tesselated Stellated dodecahedron
prompt provided by cwizprod1
88) Dark blue hooded mysterious person drinking alchemical fluid from huge mythical frog from the renaissance era
prompt provided by ailurgies
89) oil painting of a tech nerd in the style of Parmigianino
prompt provided by PuffYachty
90) Mystic Prometheus playing a multicolor piano on top of Himalaya
prompt provided by Dorialexander
91) Spiders weaving the universe
prompt provided by ericreator
92) digital painting of 1930s detective in front of a new york diner, skyline, art deco style, nightscape, inspired by noir
prompt provided by KyrickYoung
93) full body shot of a sad businessman sitting inside of a wood frame cube surrounded by colorful balls
prompt provided by spiritform
94) cinematic footage soviet slavic icon holy god scripture Cyrillic type gold plated golden ink holy blessing prayer incense ritual, Canon EOS R3 Body Camera polished photo fuji 1600 film FLCL anime fashion art Mad 4D modeling 4D shading Maya
prompt provided by VANYAverse
95) a feminine self devouring the self as desire to become, the malleable spectre of potential, muscle bone and sinew shaping itself bending and breaking in two, split composition, half and half, high fantasy nature documentary, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XII, film still, League of Legends, Dishonored 2 concept art
prompt provided by aCrownOfMoths
96) melting liquid pouring into the bottom of the drop; 3d shading, her, feathers cotton frills sweeping by artist "yerka", melting hyperdetailed digital art, dripping: stun
prompt provided by cwizprod1
97) a living donut with a bright personality, luchador donut, arms and legs, 2 big expressive eyes, big smile, sprinkle donut, luchador, urban alley setting, hyper realistic, lots of detail, 8k
prompt provided by NathanBoey
98) The iridescent biomechanical fluid of endless chaos and optimism
prompt provided by jeffjag
99) the golden key to the future
prompt provided by unreal_designer
100) An iridescent 1975 Datsun 260Z sports car driving through a circular portal to another world
prompt provided by RobotElbows
101) very small men climbing a miniature bagel
prompt provided by v1rtualmed1anet
102) 1980s arcade videogame screen with polychrome pixelated objects
prompt provided by OakOrobic


  • The announcement tweet (https://twitter.com/dreamingtulpa/status/1629133749299425283) must be retweeted
  • Max two submissions per participant.
  • Include the input images alongside your submissions.
  • No NSFW content.
  • Please make sure your submissions do not include copyrighted artwork, characters, logos etc.
  • Images must be vertical. The cover art has an A4 aspect ratio. So between 10:14 and 10:15 will result in the least amount of cropping.
  • Deadline for submissions is Thursday, 02. March 07:00 UTC.
  • After the deadline, I’ll pick my 4 favourites and create a poll to let the community decide on the final winner.
  • Prize is ** and the winner and finalists gets mentioned in issue #23.
  • Chosen finalists allow me to modify their submissions to make them work with the A4 aspect ratio and the “AI Art Weekly” lettering.
  • The winner allows me to mint and sell the image as an NFT and sell physical prints. This helps to support the newsletter and future challenges like this.
  • All submitted images will be compiled into a gallery and published on this page alongside their social profiles.

For this week we’re going to switch things up a bit, instead of artists submitting pieces individually, we’ll be working on one single piece together.

How does it work?

I’ve created a simple algorithm which lets me stitch together a practically endless canvas. All you gotta do to participate is to submit a prompt. A simple one is enough. No need for adding style or artist words, as I’ll come up with those myself to retain some sort of consistency through the whole piece.

To join, reply to this tweet with your prompt, that’s it.

At the end of the challenge I’m going to collect all submitted prompts and let the algorithm stitch them all together.

This challenge is an experiment, so I might limit the amount of prompts that I’ll accept if there are too many, or I’ll create multiple an let the community vote on the winner. We’ll see how it goes. I’m also still tinkering with the algorithm to improve generation quality. We’ll see how it goes.

In the end, I’ll list the canvases and all their parts including the prompts and prompters here, so one can see which part of the image stems from which prompter.

Let’s go 💪🔥

by @dreamingtulpa