46th Cover Art Challenge

This is the Cover Art Challenge for AI Art Weekly issue #51.

🏆 Winner: pactalom

🎨 Theme is "equinox"


  • The announcement tweet (https://twitter.com/dreamingtulpa/status/1702672285448949859) must be retweeted
  • Max two submissions per participant.
  • Include the input images alongside your submissions if it’s an img2img challenge.
  • Please make sure your submissions do not include copyrighted artwork, characters, logos etc.
  • The cover art has an A4 aspect ratio. So images between an AR of 10:14 and 10:15 will result in the least amount of cropping.
  • Deadline for submissions is Thursday, 21. September 07:00 UTC.
  • After the deadline, I’ll pick my 4 favourites. Because the 41th challenge finalist poll got tampered with, there will be no public polls for now. Either me or a yet to be decided committee will decide on the final winner.
  • Prize is $50 and the winner and finalists gets mentioned in issue #51.
  • Chosen finalists allow me to modify their submissions to make them work with the A4 aspect ratio and the “AI Art Weekly” lettering.
  • The winner allows me to mint and sell the image as an NFT as well as use it for the production and sales of physical goods such as prints and more. This helps to support the newsletter and future challenges like this.
  • All submitted images will be compiled into a gallery and published on this page alongside their social profiles.
by @dreamingtulpa