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6th Cover Art Challenge

This is the Cover Art Challenge for AI Art Weekly issue #11.

🏆 Winner: _HorizonLights_

🎨 Theme is "moebius (tribute to Jean Giraud)"


  • Max two submissions per participant.
  • No NSFW content.
  • Please make sure your piece does not include copyrighted characters, logos etc.
  • Images must be vertical. The cover art has an A4 aspect ratio. So between 10:14 and 10:15 will result in the least amount of cropping.
  • Deadline for submissions is Thursday, 01. December 07:00 UTC.
  • After the deadline, I’ll pick my 4 favourites and create a poll to let the community decide on the final winner.
  • Prize is $50 and the winner gets mentioned in issue #11.
  • Chosen finalists allow me to modify their submissions to make them work with the A4 aspect ratio and the “AI Art Weekly” lettering.
  • The winner allows me to mint and sell the image as an NFT. This helps to support the newsletter and future challenges like this.
  • All submitted images will be compiled into a gallery and published on this page alongside their social profiles.
by @dreamingtulpa