@chissweetart Published March 8, 2024

What’s your background and how did you get into AI art?

I live in the United States with my husband and our two dogs. I began finger painting when I was a baby and later discovered digital artwork. My transition to digital art began when my grandfather, a computer engineer, introduced me to computers at the age of six.

I discovered NFTs in 2020 I believe. I had a family member that was part of NFTs and told me I should be a part of it and thought I could really do well in it. I never thought it would turn into what it has today, a voice for my art.

Overgrowth” by Chissweetart

Meaning: Sometimes even the worst things in the world can leak and grow into our lives.

There were people who liked my art but never really people who wanted to purchase it and have it in their lives as an art piece. Being a part of the emerging NFT space has been truly incredible because of that. I found the audience I never thought would happen.

There were of course ups and downs. I have gotten burnt out from all the creating I have done in the past. There have been some frustrations when I couldn’t create what I wanted due to these burn outs. I take my current job as a small blessing. It has given me time to step back, breathe and create when I feel inspired.

A Glitch in the Past” Series #1 by Chissweetart. Courtesy of the artist.

Meaning: I wanted to show how even the most beautiful being can have something off, weird, or unpleasant about them. Show how the world and people are truly underneath it all. This represents how even the perfection of AI can be muddled under all the code and text prompts. This builds a whole new look at classical art, technology, and the people around us.

I didn’t start with AI art when I entered the NFT scene though. I was minting the photography I have done over the years and photo-manipulation works. My first AI input was done on the mobile app of Midjourney when it was first released in 2022. I had seen a video of a Youtuber who was using it to play around with and then create desserts from the AI that app had created. I thought it was a unique and interesting idea and wanted to try the app. It was more of an experiment on how the AI worked and how it flowed with what verbiage I used.

“Bydysawd” by Chissweetart. Courtesy of the artist.

Meaning: A element of space, time, glory, and beauty enraptures us all.

What drives you to create? What are your favourite characters to create?

I have night terrors on occasion and I always find it the best time to develop a new piece to counter it. It never sparked curiosity more of a needed therapy that was well delivered with art. I think the best way to heal any mental conflict is with art.

The women in my work are the emotions I carry. They are pained, sadden, strong or vibrant. A lot of it comes from my abusive past. They are filled to the core with the lies and toxic energy from that person why they spill a ooze from their lips. Their heads are separated from their necks because at the time I felt like I lost myself, and my mind at the time. I was weak and I almost cried every day when I was in this dark part of my life. I was broken. I was a husk, a shell of myself. I have become much stronger from it. I won’t let the world break me and I will continue to express this in my art.

A Free Soul” by Chissweetart. Available on

Meaning: A beautiful colorful generative art piece of Frida Kahlo.

I continue practising finger-painting in which I only use fingers and paint. It has a lot of wild expressive energy. I just like being a part of my work. To feel it ooze from my fingertips to the canvas. It sparks such explosive energy. You also seem to have more of a reign to show emotion and expression when you paint like this.

Whisper” by Chissweetart. Courtesy of the artist.

Meaning: I found out I am on the spectrum for autism. It makes sense now. I can’t look people in the eye when I talk to them. When I am confronted or forced to have a one-on-one with people or with a large group I get really fidgety and uncomfortable. My body will vibrate from within. I’ve been told I am too quiet and when I force myself out of my comfort zone I get too loud. It’s like I can’t control that power within. I have only a whisper of myself out into the world. All that prowess and personality contained and too scared to share it. So like a whisper I hold it back.

What does your workflow look like?

My workflow starts with AI. Once I get images I really enjoy, I then build them up in Photoshop. When I do this, I compile images, textures, digital painting, color corrections, lighting, and blending together until I come up with a final artwork. I have used a lot of different types of AI tools: Dream Studio AI, Dall-e 2, Stability AI etc. My favourites are Midjourney, Adobe’s AI, and Leonardo. They really make some high grade quality AI imagery and I usually like what it comes up with.

Dark Divine Souls \ ABORGATING” by Chissweetart. Courtesy of the artist.

Meaning: We all try to run from things we are afraid of. We try to escape our fears and pain. If we could only abrogate our past.

How do you imagine AI (art) will be impacting society in the near future?

I sometimes wonder if AI will truly take over everything and we will simply be with technology. I hope we can still keep our base knowledge and tools that we use now and use it together with AI. I’m hoping that we can learn to create with technology and still keep our unique and passionate souls.

Transmorphic” by Chissweetart. Courtesy of the artist.

Meaning: Always trying to change your identity to fit in and never being who you ARE.

Who is your favourite artist?

My two favorite artists are Frida Kahlo and Luis Royo.

I love Frida’s freedom and surreal storytelling. She spoke stories about herself and was never tied down to what others wanted. She did what she wanted.

I used to grow up drawing sexy fantasy women and my favourite artist in this type of genre is Luis Royo. He is extremely talented and created some art I really vibed with.

Inspiration of Chissweetart: Lluis Royo

What is your favourite prompt when creating art?

When I make my prompts I always use surreal in context. I also use a mixture of either photography or digital art, and I love to use softbox lighting as a lighting source.

History in the Making”, 2023. Available on Foundation

Meaning: Peace Family, I created this piece so that I can learn the minting process. But, more importantly, to document my journey through the NFT space and provide support for a fellow artist all at the same time!!! :) So I will be splitting the proceeds with the artist who sold me my first piece of digital art. Thank you so much @Chissweetart for this. And to the future collector, many thanks and blessings. Never know what this collectible may be worth one day. ;)

Peace, Love & Lights


Would you tell us about the AI Surrealism exhibition in NYC and the community you have built since 2020?

I will say this honestly an event I was truly proud of. Not many artists can say I had art that hung in the New York World Trade Center. I am very thankful for this opportunity.

Mended Wings”, a part of AI Surrealism show by Exquisite Workers on display at Superchief Gallery NFT at the Oculus, NYC, June, 2023

Meaning: With broken trust and broken wings I turn my trust to those above. Faith heals all even this broken wing and broken heart. Faith has given me my mended wing.

I am also very appreciative of the followers I have. I never expected to grow as much as I have. I always wanted to try and help the people around me as well. I guess I continue a message of positivity to those around you, be kind, create and heal, and just be you. Maybe my message resonates. I want to continue to be successful and to create. I will always create.

AI Surrealism exhibition with Chisswetart and 99 AI artists at the Oculus WTC, NYC, Superchief Gallery NFT, June 2023. Artists featured: Jules Design, KRAN, and Chissweetart.

by @dreamingtulpa