@metamushrooms Published February 3, 2023

[AI Art Weekly] What’s your background and how did you get into AI art?

I have a background in music and computers and have been interested in AI art for a few years now. I began by experimenting with various AI algorithms, playing with their generated output. The potential of AI and the possibilities it presents for creating beautiful and expressive works of art fascinated me. After several experiments, I decided to delve deeper into the subject and began researching and studying AI art more seriously. My current focus is creating AI art using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and exploring AI’s creative potential.

THE ARTIST’S STUDIO” by @MetaMushrooms

[AI Art Weekly] Do you have a specific project you’re currently working on? What is it?

The Magic Bus is a rare, limited edition Digital Art Collectible Series that features digital artwork of vintage camper vans and buses. Everyone was “on the road” at some point in their lives, and this is a reminiscence of that time. The series will include both static and animated versions, as well as collaborations with known artists in the Digital Collectible Art Space. Collectors will also enjoy non-exclusive rights to the IP and are allowed to sell the image as physical merchandise.

“Magic Bus” by @MetaMushrooms

[AI Art Weekly] What does your workflow look like?

I am an improviser. I jam on my equipment until I get into the flow and then allow my creativity to freely explore and see where it takes me.

I use a variety of tools like Photoshop, Cameras, After Effects, AI, to create a unique look each time.

[AI Art Weekly] What is your favourite prompt when creating art?

Mushrooms are my favorite prompts, and I enjoy trying every possible combination with them, because I’m “MetaMushrooms”, it’s my brand! Sometimes my pieces do not contain mushrooms, but that is rare.

KANDINSKY’S DREAM” by @MetaMushrooms

[AI Art Weekly] Why mushrooms?

I have a holistic approach towards life, and this extends to my views on mushrooms. I see them as an integral part of who we are, as we all have fungal elements present within us, from our origins in the universe to our eventual passing. Fungi should not be overlooked or disregarded, as they have their own unique kingdom. Of course, I also acknowledge and appreciate the role of mushrooms as a powerful tool for opening the mind and inducing spiritual experiences through their use as medicine. They are all around us, constantly present in the air, our food, and even on our skin, though often so tiny that we cannot see them. But despite their small size, they have a profound impact on our lives. I understand that I may be preaching to the choir here, but I cannot stress enough the importance and sacredness of these fascinating organisms.

[AI Art Weekly] Can you recommend any resources around that topic?


If you’re not familiar with any of that, it’s a good place to start for where I’m coming from. I was on the road with Ken in the mid 1990s.

“tiny bus tickets” by @MetaMushrooms

[AI Art Weekly] How do you imagine AI (art) will be impacting society in the near future?

AI has the power to tap into the innate artistic ability of those who have never received formal training, unlocking new avenues of self-expression which might bring them immense joy and satisfaction.

[AI Art Weekly] Who is your favourite artist?

Jerry Garcia was a visionary in the realm of sound and digital art during the mid-1990s, constantly pushing the boundaries of what was possible. He was at the forefront of experimentation, using technology to create unique and captivating works of art. It’s well worth checking out Garcia’s work and exploring his contribution to the field.

“New York at Night” by Jerry Garcia

[AI Art Weekly] Anything else you would like to share?

Let’s have fun and spread joy, love, and art! We’re not performing brain surgery, so let’s appreciate the opportunity to create and connect through art. To quote the great Bill and Ted: “Be EXCELLENT to each other”. This is a chance for us to come together and build a supportive community through the power of creativity.

by @dreamingtulpa