@RedruMxNFT Published November 25, 2022

[AI Art Weekly] Hey Redrum, what’s your background and how did you get into AI art?

I don’t have an artistic background, in the sense that I have studied in this sector, but since I was a child I have been passionate about art. Because of the influence of my father, who is a fair collector, I have toured Italy between galleries, exhibitions and events such as the Venice Biannale and Arte Fiera Bologna. Thanks to this I developed a predisposition for art which allowed me, once I discovered AI, to be able to express something we can define unique or rather recognizable.

My adventure with AI art was born almost as a game, friends told me about it, I created my first piece at the end of June 2022, got hooked and then started to refine my skills up to this day (and hopefully beyond).

“The Rise of the Red” by RedruM

[AI Art Weekly] Do you have a specific project you’re currently working on? What is it?

For the moment I’m focused on producing in a fairly limited way between the marketplaces and the blockchains in which I currently publish. But there will certainly be some new features in the future, for example, I will soon be dropping on NiftyG.

“Symbiotic RED” by RedruM

[AI Art Weekly] What does your workflow look like?

At the moment I use mainly MidJourney to produce images, which I’ll then refine with Procreate and at the end post process with Photoshop and Gigapixel.

From the beginning I tried to maintain a style that made me recognizable and have spent several months experimenting on various platforms (Wombo, MJ, SD and Dall-E) – in fact if you see my work there is a clear “evolution”.

After running various tests and playing around with different words, I found the prompt most suitable for me by studying artists who use the color red better than others.

“Join the Regression 👁️👁️” GM post by RedruM

[AI Art Weekly] Who is your favourite artist? 

I have a lot of favourite artists in the digital world and to avoid saying too many names (and maybe forgetting someone), I’ll only tell you those of traditional art (here too, naming them all is complicated).

To start there are certainly Caravaggio and De Chirico.

Then in the domain of contemporary art there are many Italian artists such as Maurizio Cattelan, Mario Schifano, Lucio Fontana, La Transavantgarde, Valerio Adami and Enrico Baj.

Then artists that go definitely beyond the border of Pop Art are Daniel Arsham, Kaws, Murakami and Minjun.

I try to capture and repurpose something from all the above and more, not necessary in a literal way, sometimes only at a subconscious level.

“Island and flower garland” by Giorgio de Chirico

[AI Art Weekly] What would be your advice to newcomers to find and create a unique art style?

To find a unique and recognizable style, my advice would be to learn more about engineering prompts and to search for words and artists that can fully express the concept you want to convey.

Even if this means spending months refining your style – long term recognizability always pays off and will be the criterion to distinguish yourself from the massive influx of artists that AI art produced and continues to do so.

If you’re into NFTs: Don’t mint all the “cool” things you find with every prompt, but study and develop your own vision first, and then follow it.

by @dreamingtulpa