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Keeping up to date with AI is a time consuming task, so I’m looking into ways to financially support some of the work that goes into writing and publishing AI Art Weekly.

The most direct and impactful ways to support me are by:

I'm also looking for sponsorships, if you or your company are interested in sponsoring an issue or a challenge, please send an email to or DM me on Twitter.

Another option that helps is by using one of our affiliate links:

  • RunDiffusion – RunDiffusion is the easiest way to run Stable Diffusion without a local GPU and gets you up and running in 90 seconds. Get 15% off your first month with my referal link or use the code dreamingtulpa15 during checkout.
  • – Colorize photos with AI, turning black and white pictures to color in seconds.
  • Looking Glass Portrait – Turn your AI generations into incredible 3D holograms with the Looking Glass Portrait. Get an additional $40 off by clicking the link.
  • Mubert – An AI music service that helps you generate original DMCA safe music for your app, game, or service in real-time.
  • Jasper – An AI writing service that helps you write original content for your blog, newsletter, social media profiles and more.

Thank you 🙏

– Dreaming Tulpa

by @dreamingtulpa