@pixlosopher Published October 12, 2023

What’s your background and how did you get into AI art?

My real name is Pedro, but nowadays, everyone calls me Pixlosopher or Pixel. I was born in a small town in the Sierra of Michoacán, Mexico, and I’ve always been driven by creativity. In my early days, I tinkered with Corel Draw and Macromedia on my dad’s computer. I also worked with the Paint version on Windows 95, which nudged me towards pixel art due to the limitations of that time. Later, I ventured into various artistic pursuits, like forming an alternative rock band and creating watercolor pieces for my family.

With a background in philosophy from UNAM and the University of Essex, I began to see life as an artistic spectacle. It’s striking how aesthetic phenomena mirror what happens in our brain when we perceive physically. While my academic journey introduced me to Nietzsche’s perspectives on art, I was truly captivated by the intersection of technology and art. As the realms of AI art and Crypto Art emerged, I naturally found myself drawn to them, blending my philosophical leanings with AI’s boundless potential. AI is conceptual, and word craftsmanship is crucial. I combined my knowledge of digital art with AI to create the pieces I make now. One aspect I’m particularly fond of is integrating AI conceptualizations with 3D printed clay vases. I should mention that I co-own a company called Possible Ideas in Guadalajara that produces these vases. My passion for Pixel Art and retro aesthetics consistently influences my art.

The Unmovable Mover” by Pixlosopher

Do you have a specific project you’re currently working on? What is it?

I am currently immersed in a project titled “The Lost Files: Antarctic Expedition.” This project imagines a sci-fi narrative set in Antarctica, delving into the mystery of a lost civilization with unknown origins, and intertwining elements of intrigue and alternative history. Additionally, I’m creating AI-assisted p5.js pieces. One that stands out is titled “The NFT that Makes JPEGs.” In this piece, the NFT acts as an art generator, chronicling the adventures of Pixel, the fictional pixel artist of the narrative. I’m also actively collaborating with the Strange History World collective, where I’m exploring the potential of AI video tools like Runway ML and SD Deforum.

“Lost Files - Antarctic Expedition 1995” by Pixlosopher

What drives you to create?

The marriage of philosophy and art is my muse. I am constantly motivated by the desire to encapsulate complex philosophical ideas into visual spectacles. Life itself, with its myriad experiences and reflections, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. I find complex stories appealing. I also love emotional drives, whether they come from a light-hearted spirit or a moodier one.

Philosopepe” by Pixlosopher

What does your workflow look like?

Everything begins with an idea, a spark of reflection. This idea is dissected, analyzed, and pondered upon. Once the concept is solidified, I delve into the realm of AI, using tools and platforms like Midjourney, Pixel Studio, and Procreate. The combination of traditional digital art techniques with AI enables quicker realization of complex and multifaceted concepts. Most of the time, I transition from one tool to another. I seldom settle for the first version of an image or 3D-printed vase. I iterate and refine until the appearance aligns with the original form I had envisioned in my mind.

The Aztec-USNA Trade Agreement, 1813” by Pixlosopher

What is your favourite prompt when creating art?

The latest pieces I uploaded to my #PortfolioDay post on X are a good representation of my range. However, you can check my profile on Instagram to get a broader sense of my work over time.

“The Dressing Up” by Pixlosopher

How do you imagine AI (art) will be impacting society shortly?

AI art is poised to transform the creative landscape, offering new ways to explore and express our ideas. With the aid of AI, we can now visualize and bring to life concepts that were previously out of reach. As AI technology evolves, I envision a bright future where art becomes more inclusive, collaborative, and integrated into our daily lives. This potential can bridge cultural, disciplinary, and generational divides, fostering creativity and innovation. It’s an exciting time for the world of art, with limitless opportunities for growth and advancement. The die is cast, and while there are many gaps to fill, my experience with the 3D-Printing movement assures me it will be for the best. AI is undoubtedly a revolutionary technology, not just in creative terms!

De peregrinorum cultoribus” by Pixlosopher

Who is your favourite artist?

In the realm of AI, Blac has lately been a tremendous influence and mentor. Historic_Crypto is also a leader and warrior among many AI artists. Bigger names such as Claire Silver and Ganbrood are clearly revered in my work, especially when I consider the impact of AI art and ways to innovate and make a difference. Their approach to AI artistry is both innovative and insightful. From the traditional realm, Nietzsche, not as an artist but as a philosopher, has profoundly influenced my views on art and life. Other names I must mention are Invader, Banksy, Magritte, and Dalí.

The Sacrifice (1963)” by BLΛC

Anything else you would like to share?

The process of fusing philosophy, art, and technology has been an incredibly fulfilling journey. As I look to the future, I am filled with excitement, anticipating how AI will enhance our artistic abilities and provide us with a deeper, more profound understanding of the world and our place in it. I have found that combining philosophy, art, and technology is incredibly fulfilling. I am enthusiastic about the future, where AI will not only enhance our artistic abilities but also give us a deeper understanding of the world and our role in it.

The Survival of The Unfittests or Against All Odds.” by Pixlosopher

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