@PurzBeats Published March 31, 2023

[AI Art Weekly] Purz, what’s your background and how did you get into AI art?

With 25 years of experience as a drummer and music producer, I have consistently integrated visuals into live shows and served as a VJ for various gigs. Prior to the pandemic, I delved into projection installations, which subsequently led me to explore 3D design and generative art. My work has always heavily relied on style transfer techniques, so immersing myself in emerging AI technologies was a captivating progression. As a veteran AI animator, I have created thousands of animations using an array of AI animation systems, both released and unreleased. Having beta-tested for major AI companies, I have generated over 20,000 images and consistently remained at the forefront of AI technologies.

gm” by @PurzBeats. Non AI, but still super cool generative art.

[AI Art Weekly] Do you have a specific project you’re currently working on? What is it?

At present, I am producing videos for several confidential projects, while also developing collections for my crypto art. Additionally, I am collaborating on new music with a few of my bands, eagerly anticipating multimedia releases, complete with full videos, in the near future.

[AI Art Weekly] What drives you to create?

TikTok suggests that I might have ADHD, which could explain my inability to sit still. I have found that channeling my energy into creation is the most productive way to utilize my restlessness. I am passionate about starting with a blank canvas and bringing something entirely new into existence. This drive likely stems from years of jamming with fellow musicians and producing songs, as the sensation of creating something unique is truly incomparable.

Stop Monkeying Around” by @PurzBeats. Checkout the original Tweet for full length.

[AI Art Weekly] What does your workflow look like?

Due to my aphantasia, I generally don’t plan my work in advance. Instead, I dive right in by opening up an app and experimenting, or if I lack a clear idea, I’ll hone my skills by following a tutorial or exploring geometry or shader node methods in Blender. As an AI animator and AI audio enthusiast, I dedicate a significant amount of time to teaching and creating educational content, focusing on demystifying the technology for others and providing entry points for those who may not have access to the necessary resources.

Once a project takes shape, I iterate on it until it reaches a point where I no longer dislike it. I prefer to render and post-process within the same session, if possible. I have an extensive graveyard of unfinished projects, so I make an effort to render at least a loop or a meaningful element that can be repurposed later. This approach often results in my work being a blend of past samples combined with fresh ideas.

[AI Art Weekly] What is your favourite prompt when creating art?

I am particularly inspired by themes such as astral plane traveling, 1970s fashion, tech retrofuturism, and the illustrative style of ’70s sci-fi book cover art. Many of my prompts are derived from these areas, especially when I am trying to familiarize myself with new technologies, models, or checkpoints.

FPV footage used as AI animation input” by @PurzBeats. Checkout the original Tweet as the GIF doesn’t do it justice.

[AI Art Weekly] How do you imagine AI (art) will be impacting society in the near future?

The potential impact of AI art on our everyday lives is likely beyond our current comprehension. I am incredibly excited about the prospect of everyone having access to tools that can bring their ideas to life, regardless of their financial means. As someone deeply invested in education and community engagement, I look forward to witnessing the creative explosion that will undoubtedly result from increased accessibility to AI technologies.

[AI Art Weekly] Who is your favourite artist?

Miles Davis possessed a remarkable talent for recognizing the chemistry between individuals before they ever performed together. This intuitive ability is something I have long admired and sought to emulate, both within and beyond the realm of music. By carefully selecting the right samples, loops, and sounds, I strive to harmoniously blend these elements in service of the song. This approach extends to my visual creations, as I endeavor to craft environments and worlds that embody the same spirit of synergy and collaborative harmony that Miles so masterfully achieved.

Suburbs” by @PurzBeats. Checkout the original Tweet here as well, the animation is with sound.

[AI Art Weekly] Anything else you would like to share?

My fascination with computer graphics and on-screen illustrations has always been deeply rooted in my appreciation for old-school video games, television shows, and movies on VHS, as well as the charmingly inefficient and oversized technology of the past. Collaborating with machines has been an incredibly enjoyable experience for me, which is why I am so drawn to procedural generation systems and AI technologies. This dynamic partnership feels like a true team effort, where both human and computer work together, iterating and refining to produce something that neither could have achieved independently. The experience is akin to playing in bands, where each member contributes their unique talents to create a harmonious whole.

by @dreamingtulpa