AI Art Weekly #46

Hello there, my fellow dreamers, and welcome to issue #46 of AI Art Weekly! 👋

Some of the tech that got released this week is beyond stunning, and while it will bring a lot of utility, a word of caution: We’ve now fully arrived in the age of deep fakes and everything you see or hear online can be fake. Keeping your personal data safe is now more essential than ever because everybody can use these tools. So please be careful where you upload and share your image, voice and video data online. Having said all that, this tech will not go away, but only evolve and become better and better, so lets not gloom and have fun with it instead! Here are the highlights of the week:

  • HeyGen will soon support 100% AI generated fully voiced and gesturing realistic avatars
  • PlayHT2.0 can generate speech with cloned accents and promptable emotions
  • AudioLDM2
  • LED can denoise low-light images trained on only 6 pairs of images
  • PlankAssembly can convert 2D line drawings into 3D CAD models
  • Interview with digital artist Anya Asano
  • ControlNet Canny for SDXL
  • AutoTrain Dreambooth Colab
  • and more

Cover Challenge 🎨

Unfortunately the finalists poll got tampered with this week, which is why I had to disqualify the results and decide on the winner myself. For next weeks challenge I’ll either decide on the winner directly or put together a committee of people I trust to decide on the winner. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope you can understand.

Theme: elements
117 submissions by 74 artists
AI Art Weekly Cover Art Challenge elements submission by mamaralic
🏆 1st: @mamaralic
AI Art Weekly Cover Art Challenge elements submission by RogerHaus
🥈 2nd: @RogerHaus
AI Art Weekly Cover Art Challenge elements submission by weird_momma_x
🥉 3rd: @weird_momma_x
AI Art Weekly Cover Art Challenge elements submission by knftworld
🧡 4th: @knftworld

News & Papers


HeyGen’s founder Joshua Xu tweeted a video of a work in progress feature to create 100% AI generated realistic and fully voiced videos with body gestures. Apparently it will get rolled out soon and you can signup for their waitlist here. If you do so, you’ll receive a demo video from Joshua’s avatar talking about the information you submitted – which can be easily exploited… Their tech apparently needs two minutes of video of a person to recreate a realistic digital avatar of them.

Examples of Joshua’s recreated avatar talking. Video with voice.


PlayHT2.0 got released this week. The new state-of-the-art generative voide AI model is not only able to generate speech with a more natural flow and intonation and has the ability to direct emotions and is able to clone accents over to other languages. The crazy part: Cloning only requires a three seconds of audio and speech can be generated in real-time with a latency of 800ms.

PlayHT2.0 can prompt emotions

AudioLDM 2

The next iteration of AudioLDM got released this week. Aside from improved quality for text-to-audio and text-to-music output, the new model is also capable of text-to-speech as well as image-to-audio, generating music and audio effects from images only. There is a HuggingFace demo to play around with the model here.

Overview of the AudioLDM2 architecture

Lighting Every Darkness in Two Pairs: A Calibration-Free Pipeline for RAW Denoising

RIP expensive low-light cameras? It’s amazing how AI is able to solve problems which so far was only possible with better hardware. In this example the novel LED model is able to denoise low-light images trained on only 6 pairs of images. The results are impressive, but the team is not done yet. They’re currently researching a method that works on a wide variety of scenarios trained on only 2 pairs.

LED example

PlankAssembly: Robust 3D Reconstruction from Three Orthographic Views with Learnt Shape Programs

Carpenters and 3D printers rejoice. PlankAssembly is a new method that can convert 2D line drawings from three orthographic views into 3D CAD models. It even lets users scale and move planks to edit generated models. I’ve two left hands when it comes to crafting, but this seems like a great tool for planners.

PlankAssembly example

More papers & gems

  • LayoutLLM-T2I: Eliciting Layout Guidance from LLM for Text-to-Image Generation
  • PHDiffusion: Painterly Image Harmonization
  • Mirror-NeRF: Learning Neural Radiance Fields for Mirrors with Whitted-Style Ray Tracing
  • AvatarVerse: High-quality & Stable 3D Avatar Creation from Text and Pose
  • 3D Gaussian Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering


This week I had the pleasure to interview digital artist Anya Asano. Anya’s AI infused glitch art work lately catched my eye and I wanted to learn more about the process behind that work. Happy Anya agreed to share some insights with us.

Tools & Tutorials

These are some of the most interesting resources I’ve come across this week.

Eternal Sunsets of the Amber Mind” by me

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