AI Art Weekly #82

Hello there, my fellow dreamers, and welcome to issue #82 of AI Art Weekly! 👋

Greetings from Spain. While the theme parks of the future are in the making and AI agents are taking over phone calls, I’m chilling on the beach and enjoying the sun for the next few days 😎

In this issue:

  • 3D: X-Oscar, GS-LRM, MaPa, Invisible Stitch, DGE, DreamScene4D, StableMoFusion
  • Video: StoryDiffusion, FlexiFilm, Tunnel Try-on, VimTS, AniTalker, SwapTalk
  • Image: Parts2Whole, Anywhere, Pair Customization, MasterWeaver, An Empty Room is All We Want, AT-EDM, Diffusion2GAN
  • and more!

Cover Challenge 🎨

Theme: fever dream
173 submissions by 105 artists
AI Art Weekly Cover Art Challenge fever dream submission by visual_dose
🏆 1st: @visual_dose
AI Art Weekly Cover Art Challenge fever dream submission by NomadsVagabonds
🥈 2nd: @NomadsVagabonds
AI Art Weekly Cover Art Challenge fever dream submission by masenmakes
🥉 3rd: @masenmakes
AI Art Weekly Cover Art Challenge fever dream submission by cubes
🧡 4th: @cubes

News & Papers


X-Oscar: A Progressive Framework for High-quality Text-guided 3D Animatable Avatar Generation

Not a week goes by without new 3D object generators! X-Oscar can generate high-quality 3D avatars from text prompts which can be animated and edited from within Blender.

X-Oscar examples

GS-LRM: Large Reconstruction Model for 3D Gaussian Splatting

GS-LRM can generate high-quality 3D Gaussian primitives from just 2-4 posed sparse images in 0.23 seconds on a single GPU.

GS-LRM example generated from two images

MaPa: Text-driven Photorealistic Material Painting for 3D Shapes

MaPa can generate high-quality materials for 3D meshes! It can create segment-wise procedural material graphs as the appearance representation, which supports high-quality rendering and provides significant flexibility in editing.

MaPA in action

Invisible Stitch: Generating Smooth 3D Scenes with Depth Inpainting

Invisible Stitch can inpaint missing depth information in a 3D scene, resulting in improved geometric coherence and smoother transitions between frames.

Invisible Stitch example

DGE: Direct Gaussian 3D Editing by Consistent Multi-view Editing

DGE is a Gaussian Splatting method that can be used to edit 3D objects and scenes based on text prompts.

DGE examples

DreamScene4D: Dynamic Multi-Object Scene Generation from Monocular Videos

Not long now until we can turn videos into 4D videos. DreamScene4D can lift multi-object monocular videos into 4D scenes using dynamic Gaussian Splatting while supporting occlusions and Gaussian Motion Trajectories. You’re not gonna win an Oscar with this, but it’s an exciting start.

DreamScene4D example with Gaussian Motion Trajectories

StableMoFusion: Towards Robust and Efficient Diffusion-based Motion Generation Framework

StableMoFusion is a new method for human motion generation that is able to eliminate foot-skating and create stable and efficient animations. The method is based on diffusion models and can be used for real-time scenarios such as virtual characters and humanoid robots.

StableMoFusion example


StoryDiffusion: Consistent Self-Attention for Long-Range Image and Video Generation

StoryDiffusion can generate long-range images and videos that are able to maintain consistent content across a series of generated frames. The method is able to convert a text-based story into a video with smooth transitions and consistent subjects.

Two StoryDiffusion examples

FlexiFilm: Long Video Generation with Flexible Conditions

FlexiFilm is another new text-to-video model which aims to generate long videos, in this case each over 30 seconds in length. Only one example published so far, but this can get once it gets the ZeroScope XL treatment.

FlexiFilm example. Check the project page for the full 32 second clip.

Tunnel Try-on: Excavating Spatial-temporal Tunnels for High-quality Virtual Try-on in Videos

Virtual try-on for videos is coming! Tunnel Try-On can preserve the details of clothing and model motions in videos and supports different types of backgrounds and movements.

Tunnel Try-on examples

VimTS: A Unified Video and Image Text Spotter for Enhancing the Cross-domain Generalization

I’m a sucker for data visualization. VimTS can be used to extract textual information from image or video sequences.

VimTS example

AniTalker: Animate Vivid and Diverse Talking Faces through Identity-Decoupled Facial Motion Encoding

AniTalker is another talking head generator that can animate talking faces from a single portrait and input audio with naturally flowing movements and diverse outcomes.

AniTalker example. Check the project page for examples with audio.

SwapTalk: Audio-Driven Talking Face Generation with One-Shot Customization in Latent Space

SwapTalk is yet another audio-driven talking face generator! This one can transfer the facial region of an input avatar onto a target video while lip-syncing to a specified audio clip.

SwapTalk examples


Parts2Whole: From Parts to Whole

Parts2Whole can generate customized human portraits from multiple reference images, including pose images and various aspects of human appearance. The method is able to generate human images conditioned on selected parts from different humans as control conditions, allowing you to create images with specific combinations of facial features, hair, clothes, etc.

Parts2Whole examples

Anywhere: A Multi-Agent Framework for Reliable and Diverse Foreground-Conditioned Image Inpainting

Anywhere can place any object from an input image into any suitable and diverse location in an output image. Perfect for product placement.

Anywhere examples

Pair Customization

I’ve been playing around with SDXL Loras this week, and while it kinda works, it also requires a lot of work to get them to a point where they look good, especially when it comes to the dataset. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for an alternative that requires less. Pair Customization can customize text-to-image models with a single image pair. This allows you to apply a stylistic change to an image without overfitting to the specific image content in your dataset.

Pair Customization examples

MasterWeaver: Taming Editability and Identity for Personalized Text-to-Image Generation

MasterWeaver is yet another personalization method. This can generate and edit photo-realistic images with diverse clothing, accessories, facial attributes and actions in various contexts from a single reference image and text prompt.

MasterWeaver examples and comparisons

An Empty Room is All We Want: Automatic Defurnishing of Indoor Panoramas

An Empty Room is All We Want can remove furniture from indoor panorama images even Jordan Peterson would be proud. Perfect to see how your or the apartment you’re looking at would look like without all the clutter.

An Empty Room is All We Want example

AT-EDM: ATtention-Driven Training-Free Efficiency Enhancement of Diffusion Models

Adobe has found a way to reduce the computational cost of diffusion models during inference without retraining. AT-EDM is able to achieve up to 40% FLOPs reduction while maintaining nearly the same image quality as the full model.

AT-EDM comparison

Diffusion2GAN: Distilling Diffusion Models into Conditional GANs

Diffusion2GAN is a method to distill a complex multistep diffusion model into a single-step conditional GAN student model, dramatically accelerating inference while preserving image quality. This enables one-step 512px/1024px image generation at an interactive speed of 0.09/0.16 second as well as 4k image upscaling!

Diffusion2GAN exampels

Also interesting

  • Exploring Vision Transformers for 3D Human Motion-Language Models with Motion Patches
  • SwapTalk: Audio-Driven Talking Face Generation with One-Shot Customization in Latent Space

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